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Karen Woo (@heykarenwoo) is a reputable creative influencer who is fast becoming one of Australia’s sought after fashion and street style photographer.

After graduating from Bachelor of Science and Masters of Business Systems at Monash University, Karen worked as a Senior Business Consultant for 8 years ranging from Federal Government to Financial Institutions. In 2011, she took a leap of faith and pursued her dream career as a Photographer; and successfully opened her first photographic studio Finessence Photography – specialising in wedding and portraits.

By chance on a visit to a luxury vintage store at Madam Virtue she bought a timeless Chanel clutch. Upon paying, the owner Dean Hewitt and Karen started chatting about their obsession with haute couture and accessories, and Karen’s photography was brought up. Without any hesitation, Dean invited Karen to an exclusive photo shoot the following day with famous Fashion Blogger – Bryan Boy.

From that kismet visit at Madam Virtue, and overwhelming support of her family and fashion friends, Karen moved on from capturing wedding and portraits to solely focus on creating street style, fashion editorials and campaign work. She has recently completed projects with international and local brands such as Mercedes Benz, Bally and Samsonite just to name a few. Along with capturing international events such as London Fashion Week, New York Fashion week and even shooting in her hometown at Melbourne Fashion Week.

Karen has also partnered with Mercedes-Benz World Wide and St Giles Hotels, Be Central campaign. She was also chosen as one of the 15th national finalists for Target Australia in search for the face of #PetitePosse and walk the Target runway at VAMFF2015.

When Karen isn’t working on her next creative project, you will find her with family and friends, travelling, cooking and smashing the Muay Thai gym.









A curated list of Australian and Global brands Karen has partnered with:

karen woo

Magazine and Online Publications
Articles of Style, Australian Fashion Guide, Black Barrett, Bonds Blogsite, Coiffure De Paris Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Australia, Famous, Fashionisto, Fashionising.com, Farfetch UK, Marie Claire Netherlands, Net-a-Porter, Plaza Uomo, The Collective Hub, The Rake Japan, Vogue Australia, Vogue Italia, Yahoo! Beauty.


Client Testimonials

“It is without hesitation that I recommend Karen Woo and her incredible team. Karen is an incredibly gifted photographer and human being. Insightful, creative and motivational when working on several assignments for us at Sofitel.

Since partnering with Karen and her team on our National Gallery of Victoria, Dior Fashion Cocktail shoot, we achieved over 1,517 cocktails sold an increase of 35% in our total beverage sales and I contribute this to Karen’s eye to take images that delights the audience and entices them to purchase. The success of the campaign has also been recognised in Vogue Australia magazine, social media as well as Vogue Japan.

I would without any reservation recommend Karen to you.”

Evan Hinrichsen, Head of Communications & Marketing, Sofitel Melbourne on Collins

“Karen is an absolute delight to work with. She innovative and creative and always goes above and beyond to ensure a excellent result.  Karen brings a great energy to all of her projects which shines through in the photography and videos that she produces. I couldn’t recommended her highly enough.”
Anna Baird, FounderBared Footwear 


“Karen Woo is a gem. I wanted to use Karen because I knew her by reputation and on the occasions our paths had crossed, I found her to be a really genuine girl and someone who was really passionate about her craft! We discussed my target customer, my creative direction and she took on board all my opinions, but then she added so much more. From recommending lighting, colour palette and poses to coming along and checking the location before our shoot, she was able to build on my ideas with her creativity and experience to create far more powerful images than I had imagined. She is well prepared and super focused. And who doesn’t love working with someone who finished a full day shoot with 30 mins to spare!
Karen’s results speak for themselves, our campaign images tell you that, but in particular, I would recommend Karen to someone like me, who lacks experience! Her experience and manner mean that you’ll get excellent results. And I think I can speak for the whole team and say that – when it comes down to it – if you’ve got to hang about for a whole day at a shoot – pick a cool chick that makes it a fun day for all!”
Sarah Darby, Fashion Designer & Illustrator, One of a Kind Denim


“We’ve been working with Karen for over three years now and she’s been instrumental to the success of our content strategy. Karen understands the requirements of our brands and produces content tailored to each brand’s strategy. Her photography and creative direction has enabled us to elevate our brands and market them to more premium audiences. Whether it’s content for catalogues, POS, websites or social media, Karen’s eye for style and detail ensures our ad creative is engaging and high quality.” 

James Revell, Social Media Coordinator, Samsonite Australia


“Karen was amazing to work with. From being really easy-going to her professional work ethics, working with her was a breeze. The work that came out was nothing short of stellar! ”

Nelson Yap, Managing Director, Benjamin Barker Aust Pte Ltd


“We want to thank you for your amazing ability for capturing the essence of our products in such an enchanting way! Having worked with you and your team on our recent timepiece launch, you have certainly exceeded our expectations and we found this experience with you extremely unique. I would high recommend your services to anyone who is looking for a talented, professional fashion photographer who is a joy to work with, and has the ability to put you at ease, while we focus on other aspects of the campaign. Thank you again for everything.”

Frances Tho, Founder and CEOChristopher Frost Timepieces


“It was a pleasure teaming with Karen Woo for the St Giles 360 campaign. We were drawn to her because of her style of photography and from the moment we connected, I was inspired by and appreciated her professionalism, sense of authenticity, and enthusiasm for the campaign. She fully engaged her community in the campaign and played a key role in extending its reach. I highly recommend Karen Woo and look forward to teaming with her on future projects. ”

Venicia Gaul, Piranha New York City


” It was a wonderful experience working with Karen, who was very meticulous in planning the shoot and made sure to keep us updated in all aspects of the shoot, both of which we really appreciate. We love her eye for photography and what she produced for us! We look forward to seeing more of her great works. ”

Kimberley KokHead of Marketing, Social Media of Charles and Keith International


“ In my five years in the Melbourne fashion scene, I have worked with many high profiles photographers such as Candice Lake, but none are as professional, friendly and with a really creative and fashionable eye like Karen. Evey single time we collaborate, I am always thrilled with the outcome. Her creative eye sets her apart from the rest and her honesty and experience in working with models, ensures my time on set is efficient and makes me feel confident to trust in her abilities. You just need to look at her photos to see just how good she really is. The key to the success of my blog is the photography and I have no hesitations in saying that Karen has helped me to be where I am today in my fashion blogging career. I see big things for Karen, and I am honoured to say that I was with her from the beginning of her journey.”

Jess Dempsey, MSFW2014 Influencer, What Would Karl Do


“ I hired Karen to shoot street style for a client after stumbling across her Instagram, and was so blown away with the work she delivered! She has impeccable taste and working with her to co-ordinate the shoot was smooth and simple.

Brodie LancasterEditor of The Good Copy


” From the moment we met with Karen we knew she understood our vision and she did an amazing capturing this. We had two day action packed days on location with Karen, her energy and creativity was contagious and we can’t wait to work with her again. ”

Stevie DellamartaHead of Marketing & Events of St Kilda Football Club


“ Karen is sooooo enthusiastic and energised. It was a really fun shoot. She also makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. Karen was very prepared and followed the direction that I had set. She created a mood board and referenced the images I’d put together in the brief. She worked tirelessly the whole time and was really patient and open to ideas. The shoot I did with Karen ended up being used to promote the release of my new EP. ”

James Varnish, Electropop Musician



“ Karen and I met six years ago when I first started my business. I am so grateful for the day she walked into my life. Karen not only takes the most beautiful photographs but she is also the most easiest to work with. She is always bright and sunny, whilst professional and suggesting great ideas and provides great feedback. Karen also gives great direction to the models when required but always takes photos that are natural as possible. She has helped me so much with my business by showcasing my work at its best and always me with the best of her connections so I can advance further. I only hope that anyone who needs a photographer is lucky to find Karen as she is just an amazing person inside and out and absolutely fantastic at what she does. Her passion is just palpable. Much love you to my dear!! xxx ”

Aimmey PhamMiss Aimmey Hair & Makeup artist


” Although I’m not a model, I have done a number of photo shoots through my life as a professional musician. As a photographer, I’d say that Karen Woo is beyond great. Karen is a cut above in her professionalism and abilities. I was simply stunned by the quality of her photographs and never have dreamed that someone could produce such amazing work. She is very easy to work with and put me completely at east. I have no hesitation to recommend her based on her incredible talent and expertise. ”

David Willerdorf, Singer/Song Writer



  1. Dear Karen,

    My name is Renee Macartney and I’m currently a student at Holmesglen
    Institute studying Certificate IV in Photo Imaging.
    I am a huge fan of your fashion and street style work, it has inspired me so
    much with my own work and style. I think your photography is amazing. For
    one of my assessments I am required to create a blog and include interviews
    with photographers that work in the industry.
    I would love so much if I could include you in this. I know your job is very
    time consuming so I understand if you can’t find the time but it would be
    so greatly appreciated if you could answer some questions that I have added
    to this email.
    I hope to hear from you soon, thank-you for your time.

    – Renee Macartney

    1. How did you get started in the industry?
    2. What moves or inspires you most in life as well as work?
    3. What interests you most about working in photography?
    4. Where is your work based and where has it taken you recently?
    5. What elements of the work bring you the most stress?
    6. What approaches/techniques do you use and what would you consider your
    7. Which is more important to you, the subject or the way it is executed?
    8. What does a typical work day look like for you? And how many hours do you
    put in?
    9. With iPhones and tablets now, everyone is a photographer. What do you
    think the future of photography is?
    10. If there is one piece of advice that would be useful for photographers
    starting out, what would that be?

    Again, thank-you for your time. 🙂

    • Hi Renee, thank you for the questions and I have responded to your questions below. x Karen

      1. How did you get started in the industry?
      I initially started out as a Wedding Photographer with my husband as a part-time hobby. Our friends who were getting married at the time asked us to cover their wedding reception, and then we decided to put our work online and see if anyone would book us to be their wedding photographer. Since 2008, our brand Finessence Photography was born and we now own a Wedding & Portrait Photography studio in Canterbury. I first started in fashion photography when I was fortunate to stumble across this vintage fashion boutique called Madam Virtue & Co., and I brought a vintage Chanel bag. After much conversation they invited me to shoot Bryan Boy (he was recently on cycle 20 of America’s Next Top Model) the next day for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. Bryan Boy is the pioneer of fashion blogging and he was the first blogger to have a Marc Jacobs bag named after him. Therefore it was a huge deal to photograph him, plus he was a lot of fun because he was willing to pull out all these amazing poses. Since then I started photographing street style with Jess Dempsey, Melbourne Fashion Blogger of What Would Karl Do, Cecylia Kee of Cecylia.com, Kimbly Wright of Style Me Yesterday, and then landing many fashion campaign work with big name clients and going to New York Fashion Week

      2. What moves or inspires you most in life as well as work?
      What inspires me is my faith and relationship with God. He is the one who gives me inspiration and breathes purpose in what I’m doing or yet to pursue. All the people and work I’ve received, it was not my chance but the perfect timing that God has aligned me to. My heart is serving people and putting a smile on people’s faces when they see the end result or an image of themselves. I have had clients in the past who extremely loathed themselves and being in front of the camera, but I sincerely believe it’s my duty to make all my subjects feel comfortable in front of my camera. It’s all about bringing the best out of their personality and most of the time, my client has come out of the photography session as a completely changed person.

      3. What interests you most about working in photography?
      The ability to express your creativity in photos, telling stories (whether it’s the lives of others or a brand’s story), and meeting and working with all kinds of people and creatives.

      4. Where is your work based and where has it taken you recently?
      My work is based in Melbourne and it has taken me overseas to Thailand and New York Fashion Week.

      5. What elements of the work bring you the most stress?
      When unforeseen changes or circumstances occur, for example if the weather changes; under time pressure to get all the shots you need; resolving issues and managing client expectations. It is always good to be prepared, put in place plan Bs and working with the client to ensure their expectations are met. If any issues occur, always communicate them with your client, and resolve them as quickly and smoothly as possible.

      6. What approaches/techniques do you use and what would you consider your
      My technique is quite simple – it’s all about understanding how to shoot my subjects in daylight and which artificial light source to use (ie, beauty dish, soft boxes, grids, what backgrounds). Communication and direction is key to posing your subjects and styling is also a good advantage to have. I’m a detail person so I’m always conscious of looking out for any distractions, whether it’s a hair piece on the face, an arm hanging awkwardly, distraction on the ground, position is awkward. Always get your shot right in camera first, whether it’s the pose, exposures and camera settings. This will save you a lot of time when it comes to photoshopping. I’m already photoshopping when I’k taking the shot so to speak.
      What considers my ‘style’ is that way I like to use natural light (back light, contrast and shadows), composition (shooting straight and not tilting my camera) and story telling than just a pose.

      7. Which is more important to you, the subject or the way it is executed?
      Both. You need to cast the right model, the right look and experience in order to achieve the final look of the image. For example, if you are after a soft romantic and sweet looking model and image, then you would try and find the suitable model with a sweet looking face.

      If you are doing a product flat lay shoot, then the colours and products you lay out must gel and look cohesive.

      8. What does a typical work day look like for you? And how many hours do you put in?
      My typical day varies, but generally I start the day with administration (answering emails, enquiries and calling clients back), photoshoots and meeting clients, and reviewing my assistant’s work. My studio assistant does most of my retouching and booking clients in for photoshoots.

      9. With iPhones and tablets now, everyone is a photographer. What do you think the future of photography is?
      I don’t believe this is true. You can call yourself “Creative” but not a professional photographer. You won’t shoot a wedding or fashion campaign with an iphone or tablet as the quality is extremely poor and you won’t be able to enlarge an image to billboard size. Having said that, I love using my iphone to quickly document and take fun images.

      10. If there is one piece of advice that would be useful for photographers starting out, what would that be?
      Reach out to other photographers, invest in yourself whether is further education and go to on workshops, online creative courses, collaborate with others, go on trips to get inspired. One piece of advice, don’t compare yourself with others but just focus on yourself and do the best you can.

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