Lindy Klim

The first time I knew of the name, “Lindy Klim” was when I brought a range of her Milk & Co baby products for my friend’s baby shower gift. I remembered studying the beautiful packaging, reading the natural ingredients and thought, “what a clever idea”. Fast forward 7 years later, I never thought I’ll be in the same room with Lindy Klim, let alone shooting her on Valentines Day!

Working with Lindy Klim was effortless. We were like-minded in every way, with styling and the shots to be taken. She was upbeat and energetic, and great fun to be around with. It’s not often that I get to hang out with celebrities who are incredibly down-to-earth, and gets the job done.

Thank you Lindy, Tres Dalla (make-up) and Resta Vie (hair) and Claire (assistant) for such an AMAZING day xxx




















My Portsea Polo outfit by Brooks Brothers

I had so much fun prancing around in my beautiful cotton stripe pleated dress by the Brooks Brothers. It was the perfect look for the Alfa Romeo Portsea Polo. I would have loved to wear my hot pink Dior pumps just to give me the extra needed high but as you know, being a photographer I would rather be comfortable than being in pain. So pairing my dress with a sneakers by Bared Footwear were definitely my choice of shoes. To add a little more flavour, I stitched a couple of pink and white pom poms with little tassles at the back of my ankle socks. Gotta love a bit of DIY!

Huge adoration to Gerard Wilton for styling me for the Alfa Romeo Portsea Polo. Special thanks to Brooks Brothers and Bared Footwear for my looks xxx

Shop the look below:

sneakers // BARED FOOTWEAR

Images by Alan Woo

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Alfa Romeo Portsea Polo 2017

The Portsea Polo is one of the annual events I really look forward to in the new year because I get to catch up with everyone, and bring my hubby to chill out and enjoy the fashion, the atmosphere, meet my friends and see me in my street style mode, haha.

Surprisingly, the fashion at the Alfa Romeo Portsea Polo has really taken up another notch. As much as I wanted to put my camera aside to hang out with my hubby, I couldn’t help noticing a few trends which were worthy to note. Among the pool of mostly white outfits, I was pleased to see a few gorgeous outfits with beautiful suiting, sequined, sheer, floral detailing as well as soft linen relaxed tailoring.

Clementine dressed in D&G and Shanin in Fendi were hands down, my favourite looks of the day (see first image). What was yours?

Huge thanks to Brooks Brothers for dressing me (stay tuned for next post) and Two Birds Talking for having me!



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Melbourne Central Summer Street Style 2016




Ocean’s entire skater look is freaking awesome and I decided to shoot him in the alley way to give it something something.



The pastel lavender colour of Hannah’s suit from @TopShop was a perfect match for her platinum blonde hair colour. I liked how she opted for a @BambaSwim bandage top than a typical tee or shirt to make her ensemble more edgy and cool.



Jay’s outfit embodies the essence of relaxed athletic wear, with a hint of class. I liked how he casually threw a Jeans West caramel brown coat over his all-black athletic wear.



Floral prints are on trend this Spring Summer season, so when I spotted this beautiful Leona Edmiston dress on @DanaBettine, I knew I had to stop her for an outfit snap. Apparently, this was an exclusive Chinoiserie print sourced from a New York print house dated to the 1950s. Zoom in closer to take a good look at the print!



Lin Lin’s overall street style look and colour tones were easy on the eye. I liked how she casually threw on an olive-green robe over her light blue dress. Buttons ran along the side of her dress which turned into a split which I thought was cool.



Rachel looked super cute in her red lippy and ginger hair pulled up into a high pony. I liked the way she tucked her Mojo tee into her high waisted jeans to show off her slim figure.



Dani has a cool swag going on when I spotted her from a far. Her icy blonde fade hair style and Aboriginal print on her sweater was what made me stop and snap.



Kevin had a cool street vibe going on. I liked the look of his Camo jacket and long black tee, and of-course with a mid-length camo jacket from Topman matched with a pair of black Vans high top sneakers.



I really liked Emily’s hair style and flawless beauty look. It made sense after learning that she worked at the Mecca store. I also liked how Emily layered her H&M dress over her navy-blue polka dot shirt for a little pop of colour.



This was probably the most destroyed pair of denim jeans I’ve come across in a while, but I really liked how Crystle kept her @Supre ripped jeans classy by wearing a basic long sleeved top.



Fish braids ✔ Sweater ✔ Vintage suede skirt ✔  There isn’t much I don’t like about Cyan’s chic street style look.



I liked Natasha Pietrobuono two cute fish braids, and a relaxed vibe. She wore a pair of Supre loose fit denim pants with cuffed hems which made her white Converse high top sneakers stood out.



I’d always appreciate a nautical look on a man when he makes it look smart and effortless. Ron wore a casual grey YD jacket over his Uniqlo striped top and chino pants, and finished the look with a pair of Jack Threads shoes from London.


Axel is a singer/writer from Melbourne who was making his way to a busking gig. His mismatched shoes and quirky H&M socks had caught my eye, and with amusement I asked him why. He explained that he couldn’t decide, so let’s help him out – left or right?


Words and Photography // Karen Woo

William Franklyn-Miller Streetorial


Hey William, it was a lot of fun getting to know, and working with you. Can you please tell us a little about yourself?

@william.franklyn.miller, Followers: 259K

Age: 12

Your occupation/degree:

School boy, but I model and act :)

The word you say too much is:


Describe your personal style in five words:

Street, cool, fashionable, comfortable and stylish

One item of clothing you can’t live without:

All my cool shoes.

Your prized procession is:

My family.

What are your hobbies when you aren’t modelling or acting?

Swimming and basketball.

What is your most memorable modelling or acting job you’ve been on?

A 600 year old castle in England for Hackett was a cool place to shoot.
Also working with Guy Pearce on Jack Irish was good too..

What is the last item of clothing you bought:

Really cool black biker boots 👍

Solids or patterns:


Your favourite place in the whole wide world:

Where ever I am at the time.


william-franklyn-miller-street-style_025street-style_0004street-style_0003william-franklyn-miller-street-style_001street-style_0002william-franklyn-miller-street-style_004 william-franklyn-miller-street-style_005 william-franklyn-miller-street-style_006william-franklyn-miller-street-style_008 william-franklyn-miller-street-style_009william-franklyn-miller-street-style_012 william-franklyn-miller-street-style_013 william-franklyn-miller-street-style_014william-franklyn-miller-street-style_015 william-franklyn-miller-street-style_016 william-franklyn-miller-street-style_017 william-franklyn-miller-street-style_018william-franklyn-miller-street-style_020william-franklyn-miller-street-style_022 william-franklyn-miller-street-style_023 william-franklyn-miller-street-style_024


stylist // BONNIE KAY

First look 
Tee: Sushi Radio @neverlandstore
Shirt and Jeans: Factorie
Second look
Tee: Sushi radio @neverlandstore
Jeans: Factorie
Hoodie: Stylists own
Third look
Trench Coat: Burberry
Bomber: Hugo Boss
Jeans: Factorie
Shoes: Zara
Fourth look
Tee and shorts: Factorie
Shirt: Stylist’s own
Socks: Uniqlo