PUMA x Boris Becker Lifestyle Launch 2015

Last night I was invited to PUMA x BORIS BECKER Lifestyle Launch (#pumatennis) 2015 on 524 Flinders Street where Boris Becker relaunched his trademark red and white trainers he wore in 1985 when he was only 17 years old! This trendy venue were also filled with Melbourne’s well known fashionistas (Jess Dempsey from What Would Karl Do, Dasha and Colin from the Trendspotter, Gemma Watts from Coutouring), musos, magazine editors; and the most coolest display of PUMA trainers and details like old-school tennis racquets, fake-grass tennis court, and the Social Playground Photobooth.

The biggest highlight of-course was meeting my childhood tennis player, Boris Becker who looked super relaxed and casual in his blue jacket over a monochrome polo shirt with dark denim, and red and white trainers. I must admit, I couldn’t recognise him at first because it’s been so long ago, but it was inspiring to learn that he’s still active in the Tennis Sporting industry – the current tennis coach to Novak Djokovic! I’m just glad he brought back his red and white trainers, because it just goes well with anything from streetwear and, if you are daring like me… tee them with culottes, long pants, dress which I saw a lot of when I was at New York Fashion Week!

Anyway these trainers are available at Platypus so get your hands on a pair because I’m sure I’ll be wearing mine at Fashion Week!



Best Christmas ever



Hope you guys are having the best Christmas ever this year with your family and friends.

That’s because I am!

(Minus the body aches and body chills)

It just shows that I had a massive year when my body decides to cave in. Funny that because I just thinking, all I ever want this Christmas is rest, and my wish came true like a lightning bolt…

Anyway as I lay here and rest, I reflect back to all the incredible opportunities which was made possible by putting my faith and trust in Jesus’ awesome name (the whole reason why we celebrate Christmas). Especially leaving behind my young family and jetting up to Sydney and New York for Fashion Week; the beautiful people I have stopped, chatted and captured at Fashion events; and my clients who entrusted my creative eye to bring out their shiny best. It’s awesome to see the end results when they grow in their brand and their personal lives, because all I’m really set out to do is to do my best with my utmost integrity and respect.

I want to sincerely thank you so much for following my crazy adventures here and on Instagram. Your constant prayers, words of wisdom and advice, a nudge here and there, a hug or two and leaving me beautiful comments which means the world to me. This sort of positive vibe is so cool and encouraging which brings out the best in me.

Where to from here? A whole lot more with many more projects lined up, and more amazing faces to work with and shoot.


If there is anything you would like to see more of, feel free to leave me your thoughts as I would love to hear from you.

For now rest up, be happy, healthy and safe always.

xo Karen

Chanel Cruise Collection Preview

It’s nearing the end of year 2014, and I have very exciting news to share. As you know I have been shooting and working with Jess Dempsey from What Would Karl Do for more than two years, and she has asked me to join her amazing blog that she has beautifully crafted in the last 5 years. I am unbelievably overwhelmed by the love and respect she has for my work that I’m now the official half (the photographer) of What Would Karl Do. For the past few month, I have been teasing her a little by saying, “What Would Karl Do with Karen Woo”. Anyway we have many new amazing projects and collaborations we can’t wait to accomplish because we going to bring What Would Karl Do to the next level!

So as our journey begins, we were exclusively invited into the house of Chanel (on Flinders Lane, Melbourne) to preview Chanel’s latest Spring Summer collection – the Cruise Collection 2014/15. Karl Lagerfeld offered up an Arabian-infused which was inspired by the lifestyle of Dubai. From custom made Jerry Can handbags, to mini Chanel Boy Bag clutches. We adored everything about the collection.

Here it is, as captured on my fabulous Iphone6…



Featured Blogger Diana Kunanova from IFBOK

I met Diana Kunanova at New York Fashion Week 2014 when I stopped her in her tracks to snap her street style. She was the coolest, fun-loving style blogger from Kazakhstan who recently moved to the States with her hubby of 2 years. We chit-chatted (as I normally do) and commented on how cool her crimped and pastel pink hair, and that we were “twins” (that’s because I recently dyed my hair colour to a graduation of pink, red & violet). Since then, we exchanged Insta details and hanged out during our time in New York. She is the Creative Director of International Fashion Bloggers of Korea (IFBOK) and she also has her own personal style blog called Different Colors & Different Styles.
Diana is wearing Kahri by KahriAnne taken in the streets of New York.

Five things we should know about you:
1. Sociable and friendly
2. Love to sleep
3. Born in Kazakhstan but moved out since 2009. My home is where my husband is.
4. Never thought I will do anything in Fashion
5. I wish I was an Egyptian Princess like Cleopatra (silly right?)

How did you become a style blogger?
When I moved to Korea, I was bored and I did not know what to do with my life. After graduating from Germany, I got inspired by following some bloggers and reading their blog, and then I thought I should blog about style. It took me a while to figure out what exactly did I want to blog about – my life, style, making friends, making money or just do it for fun. Gladly today, I have fun, make friends and some money so I can’t complain!

Describe your style.
Chic, feminine and I am not scared to mix. I put things together according to how I feel that day but I’m also open to try something new. Korea has influenced my style greatly but now my style has changed  country has influenced my style, in Korea it was more Korean then European, now my Korean friends says that my style in US changed too.

Do you have a favourite Designer?
Kahri and Alexander Wang.

What do you enjoy most about Fashion Week?
Meeting new people and make friends like you! I’m very happy to meet amazing people, because they inspire me!

Anything else you would like to add?
Mmmm I guess, I love to be part of Fashion World, but I am not person who wears brands, I love stylish things, which has reasonable prices. If I found or win $10000 I would not spend it on clothing, I would give to my parent as a support or plan a trip with all my family somewhere, where it will be enough to spend. Also, I am big fan of Instagram, because you can meet real people from there. I met some of my friends via Instagram in Zurich, in Brussel, in Seoul, in Konstanz and in Kazakhstan.

Thanks so much Diana for all your pearls of wisdom and friendship. I miss you heaps and I hope to see you in Australia for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Sydney! x

Here’s some behind the scenes…