Here’s my latest advertising/fashion photography project involving dedicate and fine jewellery from Italy. Susie from Roar Accessories has an incredible eye for sourcing the most edgy, stylish and quality pieces any girl would lust for. Good thing is that if you have slim fingers, you can put together a mixture of pieces to suit your style. Do yourself a favour and purchase a piece on Roar Accessories online website here!




A journey back to the 1920s, here’s a vintage Shanghai inspired fashion shoot - mixed between the old and the new.

creative director \\  SAMMI CHIN
photographer \\ KAREN WOO
assistant \\ DAVID CHEA
model \\ SHERRY HSU
hair and makeup stylist \\ LANIE PHELPS & LEESA GRAY-PITT






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For more winter styling inspiration and even tips on post pregnancy, check out Jess Dempsey’s blog here.


Jess Dempsey from What Would Karl Do is finally back on the fashion scene (although she never really left!) after giving birth to her second beautiful baby boy. She is a mummy machine with a “I can do” attitude. Her mind is constantly churning out street style ideas, texting me any wardrobe and sponsor updates, pulling out looks and of-course itching to get back in front of the camera. Her energy and excitement just rubs off on me, so naturally we make a pretty awesome team. Welcome back Jess!

To find out more about our styling and photography services, please email me at hello@karenwoo.com.au.

what would karl do, wwkd, jess dempsey what would karl do, wwkd, jess dempsey what would karl do, wwkd, jess dempsey KARENWOO_WWKD_M14_039 what would karl do, wwkd, jess dempseywhat would karl do, wwkd, jess dempsey

Hat: Ace of Something, Top: Topshop, Jacket: H&M, Shoes: The Mode Collective styled back with long socks over them, Skirt: Black by Geng


Leroy Nguyen was inspired by the fairytale of the blue rose from Pan’s Labyrinth – the impossible quest to attain immortality. Leroy’s range and the runway show itself was about taking us on a journey of structured garments (yet sexy and slick), one toned looks and then gradually introducing subtle prints to exaggerated prints and then ending it with beautiful colour blocking. What’s your favourite?

leroy nguyen the blue rose


It was Leroy Nguyen’s first solo runway show at MBFWA2014, so it was a huge privilege to capture the excitement and talent that went behind the scenes. It was all about femininity, wet hair look, dusty soft make-up, beautiful colour blocking, subtle prints to structured garments, white flat sandals and even blue roses!

Leroy Nguyen’s runway show to follow…

KARENWOO_LEROYBSTAGE_030leroy nguyen backstageKARENWOO_LEROYBSTAGE_015leroy nguyen backstageleroy nguyen backstageleroy nguyen backstageleroy nguyen backstageleroy nguyen backstageKARENWOO_LEROYBSTAGE_021leroy nguyen backstageKARENWOO_LEROYBSTAGE_024KARENWOO_LEROYBSTAGE_027KARENWOO_LEROYBSTAGE_028leroy nguyen backstageKARENWOO_LEROYBSTAGE_032


I had the pleasure of befriending, sharing food and working alongside with such a friendly, talented and hard working bunch of artists – fashion bloggers and street style photographers at MBFWA. We were always on the go, on guard to snap up the next fashion forward person; sometimes hidden and crouching in the most awkward positions; squeezed out of the media pit; and running on empty stomaches. Thankfully I had my best friends, a pair of Adidas sneakers and “What Would Karl Do” tee to keep me comfy and cool.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset KARENWOO_MBFSW14_APERRY_001Processed with VSCOcam with c2 presetKARENWOO_PHOTOGRAPHERS_009KARENWOO_PHOTOGRAPHERS_011Processed with VSCOcam with b1 presetaurelio costarello 2014 #mbfwa #mbfwastyleProcessed with VSCOcam with s1 presetKARENWOO_MBFSW14_APERRY_010Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetKARENWOO_PHOTOGRAPHERS_002Processed with VSCOcam with 5 presetKARENWOO_PHOTOGRAPHERS_001KARENWOO_MBFSW14D2_304KARENWOO_MBFSW14D1_258 KARENWOO_MBFSW14D1_393KARENWOO_MBFSW14D2_261 KARENWOO_MBFSW14D2_382KARENWOO_MBFSW14D1_015 Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset


One of the things I love about what I do is the people I get to meet and strike up a conversation with. I remember stopping Mitch in his tracks (just as he finished up working at MBFWA) and asked if I could photograph his quirky street style. His combination of polka dot sweater and socks with red tartan pants and navy blazer was definitely screaming my attention, and for a moment I thought I was in Vienna! A few minutes into directing him in front of the gorgeous soft backlight, I learnt that he was also a Fashion Photographer!


fashion photographer mitch doueihyfashion photographer mitch doueihyfashion photographer mitch doueihy KARENWOO_MBFSW14D2_392fashion photographer mitch doueihy



“Wear something that is YOU, something that you feel comfortable in and reflects who you are.”


Mino wore an outfit which he designed in collaboration with Daniel K. Since he loves bold colours, he saw it as an opportunity to create exactly what he wanted, and what better colour than red!



Mino wore another outfit that he partly designed himself (the pants and the shirt) and paired it with a jacket that he fell in love with by Damir Doma that he bought on a recent trip to Sydney.



Mino, where do you draw your inspiration from when putting your outfits together?

I like to stand out and wear bold and unique pieces so for me my inspiration is always coming up with something that matches my personality and mood that day.

What did you enjoy most about MBFWA2014?

My highlight was definitely getting to show people my work on the runway as part of the New Generation show. I collaborated with NZ brand Daniel K on designing various pieces for her collection. The whole experience was such a thrill that I can’t wait to do it again. Check our video out here


What do you love most about photographing people and blogging about fashion?

I love the variety of what we do and love to meet people along the way. The online medium is so amazing to me as it allows you to reach people you could never previously reach with more traditional forms of media.


Well I guess that’s it from the guys from Foureyes. So go check out their blog and get their book! ACDM, thanks so much for giving me a sneak peek into your fashion lives and getting in front of my camera. It was a blast getting to know you and watching you work your camera (hey I’ve got pics to prove it too)!

Looking forward to catching up with the boys at our next fashion event! x



“Wear what you like, but push yourself and don’t be afraid to experiment.”


Danny created a very simple look with a white neoprene top with zips at the elbow, plain black pants and a custom made saturno hat in rabbit fur felt.


Danny wore a cracked pleather jacket from ASOS, Alastair Trung nylon shorts and Givenchy high tops.

danny simmons of foureyes new zealand fashion bloggerKARENWOO_MBFSW14D2_245 

Danny, where do you draw your inspiration from when putting your outfits together?

All over the place! I usually find one item or an image I like and try to build an outfit around that.

What did you enjoy most about MBFWA2014?

Definitely the rush of a busy week immersed in fashion. Shooting heaps of street style, attending shows, blogging and trying to fit in some fun after it all. It’s a tiring week but really exciting at the same time.


Hey, I heard you guys have published a book. Where can I get it?

Yes! Grab your copy here!