Behind the Scenes at NYFW

The New York street style experience has raised the bar where the New Yorkers aren’t afraid to experiment with mixing colour combinations, proportions, patterns, layering, textures and crazy custom-made outfits. This is what I adore about fashion. The ability to express yourself, and not succumb totally to designer wear. Having said that, there was some guy who dressed himself as the “Where’s Wally” character and walked amongst the crowd with his staff which was pretty funny stuff. I also saw another guy dressed himself in those Chinese red, white and blue sack material which was designed into the full suit. Gosh, they would do anything to be snapped up.

Besides all the outrageous outfits, I came across a lot of buyers, designers and celebrities like Paris and Nikki Hilton who turned up, to be mobbed by more than 50+ photographers and tourists wanting to have their picture taken with them, or more accurately doing a “selfie” with the celebrity.

Check out this video filmed on my Samsung Galazy 5 phone to get a sense of what it’s like being the Hilton sisters.

 “Move away, move away!”


Now over at the Milks Studio, a mob of photographers were keen to snap up the infamous street style legend and Japan Vogue Editor, Anna Dello Russo.

 “click click click click”


Get behind the scenes with me by checking out this highlight video as filmed on Samsung Galaxy 5!


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York Street Style Details 2014

As soon as Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2014 was over, I packed my bags, my Nikon D4 camera & 85mm lens and flew 24hours over to New York for fashion week. New York Fashion Week was epic. Lincoln Centre and Milk Studios were crowded with fashionistas, style bloggers, street style photographers, models, celebrities and hustlers. Every street style photographer was on high alert, hunting down the next celebrity or model to shoot, sometimes yelling at each other to get out of the way, but most of the time we kept our cool.

Below is a sneaky peek of some of my favourite street style details with more to come!

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New York Fashion Week












The Electropop Muso James Varnish

Meet James Varnish, whom I had the pleasure of getting to know, and working with to create his fifth EP album to be released on the 9th of September. He is incredibly stylish with a wardrobe filled with Rick Owen’s clothing, sneakers and a cap collection to die for (What impressed me the most is that he has a special hat bag to carry his caps in)! He’s also very charming, spiritual and a very well established Melbourne electropop muso who’s been doing music, like forever. So without a do, let me introduce to you…

James Varnish EP cover by Karen Woo

james varnish
james varnish, electropop
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The Opening Ceremony of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2014

I will miss my winter staples: boyfriend coats, oversized cardigans and cow neck sweaters. I just packed away all my winter clothes to make way for a new season of spring/summer ensembles, so I’m looking towards Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2014 (MSFW2014) Shop for lots of style inspiration, and tonight the runway show did not disappoint.


With a tinkle of a bell, Jessica Hart, the MSFW2014 ambassador opened the night. The runway showcased a range of spring/summer collection of beautiful soft pastel, metallic pastel, jeweled millinery pieces, and my favourite look of the day was…




I must add, the floral arrangements and the way it was styled as an accessory on the runway show was incredibly clever.

To sum up the night, here’s the highlight short film I shot on my new Samsung Galaxy 5.