MFW Model Casting Day 2018

It was refreshing to see a new wave of bright young faces and personalities at this year’s Melbourne Fashion Week model casting day, and I’m very honoured to be associated with the event which celebrates diversity and beauty from all cultural backgrounds. I still believe and see, that Australia is still sadly a racial discriminatory country. I mean, take a look at all the fashion campaigns on the billboards or have a scroll through Instagram, most talents are white Caucasians. I was chatting to one of my Stylist friend the other day and he shared with me that a Customer called the company and complained about an advertisement which featured a black model. Then she carried on saying she will no longer shop there because of it. What utter bollox! It makes me so upset to know that racism is still predominant in our society. Well isn’t our sunburnt country historically dominated by beautiful Aboriginal people?

Anyway, I’m not here to rant but do let me know if you have experienced anything similar. I want to make a point that we should all support all walks of beauty, size, shape and heights! God created us to be all unique and we should love and be acceptance of each other.

Without further odu, here are some of the favourite moments captured from the MFW casting day. In my next post I will share my favourite model street style looks so stay tuned.


MBFWA 2018 Day 3 Best of Street Style

I’m really excited seeing a lot of experimentation with patterns and colours which made street style the past few days so refreshing and fun.

As always, thanks for the snaps everyone x

Street Style pics taken at Macgraw, We Are Kindred and Matches Fashion runway shows for City of Melbourne, Melbourne Fashion Week. Please seek permission prior to usage.

MBFWA 2018 Bianca Spender Resort 19

Expect nothing less – you can Bianca Spender’s DNA throughout her entire resort 19 collection with draped, soft and elegant pieces. I loved the way the fabric were beautifully twisted to give it an interesting “cape-like” silhouette. She had minidresses and midis in an array of coral, rose, cobalt, orange, white, beige; and rich emerald silks with deep V-backs. Now all I need is to invest in beautiful shapely underwear to go with the outfits.

Here are my key looks from her resort 19 runway show.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week runway images taken by Karen Woo.