Our Future Stars: The Athena Golf Event at Peninsula Kingswood 2024

Thrilled to be back covering and showcasing our future generation of Australian Women Golfers over the weekend at Peninsula Kingswood Golf Club. Their high energy, technicality and camaraderie was a real pleasure to watch, especially when they keep sinking their 9 foot putts, dang!⛳️

Congratulations to our mega star, Kelsey Bennett who defeated Amy Chu for winning the overall Athena Golf event. It was painfully close but it was spectacular to see Kelsey getting the job done after three attempts. As the saying goes, “three times the charm” ✨ Also congratulations to Cassie Porter for winning Saturday’s Athena Golf Day 1 Combine Challenge ✨

Enjoy the highlights which were captured for the PGA of Australia (WPGA Tour) shot on the Nikon Z6 camera.

x Karen

Karen Woo

Melbourne based fashion photographer and filmmaker making uber-cool stills and films for brands.

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