VAMFF 2018 ELLE Australia runway

The 2018 ELLE Australia runway on day 2 at Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival was a beautiful spectacle of pastel sheers, pattern on pattern suits, puffy and one armed sleeves, well tailored denim dresses; and my absolute favourite look was the oversized deep fuschia pink coat with light grey wide-legged pants by Anna Quan. Who would have thought of that colour combination!

The line up for this runway were Acler, Anna Quan, Arnsdorf, BY JOHNNY., C/MEO Collective, Hansel and Gretel and Morrison; and earrings by KITTE.



VAMFF 2017 Premium Runway 6 – RUSSH Backstage

As a Creative, I am constantly sourcing for inspiration. Tonight I had a new surge of creativity and thought I’ll experiment and think outside the box as I go behind the scenes at the VAMFF Premium Runway 6, RUSSH. Here are the highlights featuring the following labels:

  • Anna Quan
  • Bul
  • Kacey/Devlin
  • House of Riot

So what do you think … ?


All Images and design by Karen Woo. Please email for permission of usage. Thank you x

vamff-russh-backstage-karenwoo_011c vamff-russh-backstage-karenwoo_002 vamff-russh-backstage-karenwoo_018 vamff-russh-backstage-karenwoo_026 vamff-russh-backstage-karenwoo_028 vamff-russh-backstage-karenwoo_034 vamff-russh-backstage-karenwoo_017 vamff-russh-backstage-karenwoo_041 vamff-russh-backstage-karenwoo_013b
vamff-russh-backstage-karenwoo_023 vamff-russh-backstage-karenwoo_037 vamff-russh-backstage-karenwoo_039 vamff-russh-backstage-karenwoo_029 vamff-russh-backstage-karenwoo_021 vamff-russh-backstage-karenwoo_040 vamff-russh-backstage-karenwoo_015

vamff-russh-backstage-karenwoo_007vamff-russh-backstage-karenwoo_042 vamff-russh-backstage-karenwoo_009