JDSports the Undisputed King of Trainers lands at Highpoint

JD SPORTS is a sportswear fashion retailer in the UK, with its sneakers collection being a key selling point for consumers. The store stocks brands from Nike and Adidas as well as more exclusive labels like Emporio Armani EA7 and Pink Soda and Ivy Park, launched by Beyonce, Lacoste and pretty much any label that sneaker fans love having in their wardrobe. They’re basically the epitome of street wear retail in Europe, and I’m stoked that another JD SPORTS store has opened up their second store at Highpoint Shopping centre. 

If you are living in the west side of Melbourne, this is the perfect destination for sportswear fashion therapy. Go check it out before the limited edition sneakers runs out of stock. In fact, JD SPORTS is releasing the YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 GREY / BOLD ORANGE / SOLID GREY, so you better register to score yourself a pair! 

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Karen wears FENTY PUMAS by RIHANNA (sold out) and SUPPLY & DEMAND oversized tee worn as skirt.



The best of Street Style at TOPSHOP London Fashion Week 2017

If only you were here to see the thriving mass of people waiting outside Topshop runway show. The Topshop runway show is one of the most anticipated shows of the LFW schedule since they were welcomed into the LFW schedule in year 2005. It was messy and ridiculously dangerous to shoot any street style on the busy main road, but somehow we managed avoid on coming traffic for the love of photography. Hey, at least the upside was that I saw Kate Moss and her daughter, 14-year-old Lila in tow arriving at the show which was a highlight of my day.


London Fashion Week 2017 Day 1 Street Style

Hello from London!

I can’t stop grinning from ear to ear that I’m actually here in London. For a long while now, all my photographer comrades have been raving about how authentic and laid back the street style is in London, and this year I decided to go experience it myself. Though day one was a slow start (day one is usually the case), I was pretty happy with what I snapped up.

After walking 25,000 steps through the alley ways and streets of London , here are the street style highlights from day 1.