A glimpse into Jimmy Choo x Malbon Golf collaboration at the Royal Melbourne Golf Club 2024

Grateful to be a part of this moment, shooting one of the world’s hottest brand partnerships right now, #JimmyChoo X #MalbonGolf. The intimate affair was hosted at Australia’s #1 golf course, the Royal Melbourne Golf Club, by Kathy Gaurnat, with special guests Todd Woodbridge, Natasha Woodbridge, Rebecca Harding, and Elliot Gaurnat.

What I love about the Jimmy Choo x Malbon partnership is that it gives golf a renewed perspective on luxury, comfort, and style. Honestly, everything a golf fashion-conscious person would WANT. This collaboration merges the timeless elegance of Jimmy Choo with the innovative and playful spirit of Malbon Golf, resulting in a collection that’s both sophisticated and sporty.

The event itself was a perfect reflection of the collection’s ethos. Set against the stunning backdrop of the Royal Melbourne Golf Club, attendees were treated to an exclusive preview of the limited-edition pieces. From sleek golf shoes adorned with signature Jimmy Choo embellishments to stylish accessories that elevate any golf ensemble, the collection effortlessly combines high fashion with functional design.

After a delightful lunch, guests were treated to an hour-long golf lesson with RMGC senior teaching professionals, Ryan McCarthy and Richard Blake. This session provided invaluable golf swing insights and tips, making the day not only about fashion but also about learning the game we all love.

One of the highlights was witnessing how seamlessly the products integrate into both on-course performance and off-course lifestyle. Whether you’re hitting the fairways or enjoying a post-round social gathering, the Jimmy Choo x Malbon collection ensures you do so with unmatched style and confidence.

However, be quick because the last time I checked, most golf accessories and shoe sizes are gone!!!! 😭 The buzz around this collaboration is palpable, and it’s no surprise that these coveted items are flying off the shelves.

In essence, the Jimmy Choo x Malbon partnership is a game-changer for golf enthusiasts who refuse to compromise on style. It brings a fresh, luxurious twist to golf fashion, making every round of golf not just a sport, but a fashion statement.

Anyway, until next post… happy golfing!

x Karen

Plant Parent fashion editorial

Ready to raise the bar on parenthood? Start with some green thumb action.

This feature follows a young man who thinks fatherhood is a breeze but soon learns the true meaning of being a cool parent through the art of indoor plant care. His parents give him the ultimate challenge, and he rises to the occasion with style and confidence, mastering the diverse and ever-changing landscape of parenting through his collection of unique and thriving plants.

This is a visual representation of his journey, showcasing his growth and evolution as a PLANT PARENT.

As parents, we know that parenting can be:

  • Fiddleleaf – “fiddly”
  • Dried flowers – “lost”
  • Vines – “Tricky and Entangled”
  • Kangaroo plant – “resilient”
  • Strong of pearls – “cherishable”.

Which plant describes your parenting situ? Would love to hear your story!

Images captured on Nikon Z6 and Profoto A1X and Clic Softbox, B10X



Photography & Creative Direction: @heykarenwoo Model @williamcrabb Style & Art Direction @sirleroylorenzo Makeup @kateradfordmua Hair @nikkiporter_hair

Nikon Presents: Z Creator Fashion Photography Workshop coming June 26th


Hey!!!👋🏼  How are you guys?


It’s been ages but I’m here! Just been buried with business ventures and exciting collaborations.

So here is one I would love to share with you!!!

🔜   Coming 26th of June, I’ve partnered with Nikon Australia to bring you a one day fashion photography workshop.


This is what I’ll be covering…

☑️. How to plan for a fashion photoshoot (Featuring Bally fashion)

☑️. How to prepare a photoshoot brief

☑️. How to direct and style a professional model

☑️. The benefits of the mirrorless to create fashion images


This will be your chance to play with Nikon mirrorless Z cameras and ask me questions. The mirrorless cameras has literally broaden my photography horizon that I can’t EVEN explain how career-changing it has been for me. It has literally opened the doors to venture into film making and I’m all IN. I find creating compelling + impactful short stories for Brands is incredibly fulfilling because I can add so much emotion and sound to my story-telling. And of-course the mirrorless has enabled me to do just that.

You are probably wondering why now? Well that’s because 5 years ago, the technology wasn’t advanced enough to allow me to be nimble and use two hands. Remember those awful huge gimbals and monopods???

Thank God it’s now possible to be more agile and creative with our angles!


Anyway I could go on and on about it, but why not come and join my fashion workshop to find out more?


➡️   All the details are here … (LINK)  ⬅️


Enjoy and can’t wait to meet you!


xx Karen


The best of Street Style at TOPSHOP London Fashion Week 2017

If only you were here to see the thriving mass of people waiting outside Topshop runway show. The Topshop runway show is one of the most anticipated shows of the LFW schedule since they were welcomed into the LFW schedule in year 2005. It was messy and ridiculously dangerous to shoot any street style on the busy main road, but somehow we managed avoid on coming traffic for the love of photography. Hey, at least the upside was that I saw Kate Moss and her daughter, 14-year-old Lila in tow arriving at the show which was a highlight of my day.