Plant Parent fashion editorial

Ready to raise the bar on parenthood? Start with some green thumb action.

This feature follows a young man who thinks fatherhood is a breeze but soon learns the true meaning of being a cool parent through the art of indoor plant care. His parents give him the ultimate challenge, and he rises to the occasion with style and confidence, mastering the diverse and ever-changing landscape of parenting through his collection of unique and thriving plants.

This is a visual representation of his journey, showcasing his growth and evolution as a PLANT PARENT.

As parents, we know that parenting can be:

  • Fiddleleaf – “fiddly”
  • Dried flowers – “lost”
  • Vines – “Tricky and Entangled”
  • Kangaroo plant – “resilient”
  • Strong of pearls – “cherishable”.

Which plant describes your parenting situ? Would love to hear your story!

Images captured on Nikon Z6 and Profoto A1X and Clic Softbox, B10X



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Melbourne Fashion Week: Student Collections Runway Day 5

I got the goosebumps watching the Melbourne Fashion Week, student collections runway last Friday night.


Most likely the best student fashion design work I’ve seen thus far!!!

The show featured students from Box Hill Institute, Holmesglen, Kangan Institute, RMIT and Whitehouse Institute of Design.

This runway was located underground at MCG’s carpark as the student collections were styled by Stuart Walford.



Massive congratulations to QIN WANG for winning the Student Designer Awards 2021!

Qin drew her inspiration from traditional paper-cutting techniques and handicraft and has created three-dimensional fabric vortexes that appear to whirl around the body. Other pieces in the collection feature gravity-defying layers, constructed using various elements of scaled cutwork as shown below.

Here are the students from each design school in Melbourne:


Yasuha Miki, Nima Zangmo, Qin Wang, Tatenda Serere, Vaishali Madyala


Anna Barrett, Chloe Crawford, Putu Liana Putri Pradnya Paramita, Remi Natylia


Kai James, Michaela Eddinton, Napaorn Suksawatsak


Alexander Beattie, Alicja Kuzmycz, Alyse Salib, Amber Sestokas, Anna Paolini, Caronlina Hegeman, Chloe Kounelis, Edie Pell, Emily Quach, Emily Thomas, Georgia McNaughton, Gia Phuc Ly, Julia Mondy, Kritikon Khamsawat, Liam Ramirez, Lilli McKenizie, Rochelle Fitzpatrick, Ruth Hazell, Ruth Hadinjoto, Zoe May Sutherland


Aimee Kingsland, Alice Roden, Billy Souflas, Catherine Lesmana, Cinnamon Kingsland, Ella Tardrew, Grace Kim, Hugo Stynes, Rory Millar, Samantha Morrice, Samantha Saint James, Trinh Nguyen.

Thank you Alexia for letting me be your date for the night!

Images captured on Nikon Z6 by me. 

Melbourne Fashion Week 2021: Day 1 Street Style

I’m back!

It’s been a forever since I’ve taken any fashion week street style so I’m thrilled to head back into Melbourne CBD to capture Melbourne Fashion Week as it unfolds.

Enjoy these cool outfits snapped outside Regent Theatre on Collins Street.


Images shot on the Nikon Z 6
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How to Shoot Fashion for Luxury Brands that Pop!

As part of Nikon Presents: Z Creators, I had the pleasure of teaching a group of fashion photography enthusiasts on how to create high end fashion images for luxury brands that pop!

During the session, they learned how to plan a fashion photoshoot, prepare a creative brief, as well as direct and style a professional model featuring high end fashion BALLY using Nikon Z cameras.








Here are my 3 top tips to shooting high end fashion images for luxury brands that pop…

⭐️  TIP #1 – Create a good rapport with your model. You want your model to feel heard, safe, comfortable and respected in your presence so spend a few minutes getting to know your talent. Especially if it’s your first time working with them. Ask them simple questions about what they like doing to break the ice. I generally like to talk to my talent when they are getting their hair and makeup prepped. Putting on their favourite music and having a collaborative spirit also helps the talent to feel heard and relaxed.

⭐️  TIP #2 – Give clear posing directions. Now that your talent is at ease, give clear and simple directions. Speak in front of your camera and use your hand to direct. Better yet, demonstrate the move or pose or show them a reference image so they understand exactly what you are wanting to create.

⭐️  TIP #3 – Focus on getting a strong expression. Lifeless eyes, smile or even dead-weight arms can ruin and make an image look bland. Once you have the pose, set, lighting and outfit all working cohesively together, focus on capturing a dynamic expression that encapsulates the story and emotion you are trying to tell. Sometimes describing a specific action (for example, you want her expression to ooze softness ….so you say: “imagine yourself walking up to a boy and telling him how much you love him ….” The talent would immediately smile, shoulders relaxed and eyes softened) or playing a specific song to create the right mood.

As a result, applying these 3 top tips would turn any fashion image from good to GREAT.


Thanks to everyone who came to learn and play – what an awesome day it was! If you are keen to join my future photography workshops, email me at so I can notify you when it launches.

Shout out to NIKON AUSTRALIA, BALLY and my unbelievable crew for making this happen:

hair + makeup STELLA TU


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Spring into H&M

I love the smell of Spring.

This year I spent time in my garden planting climbing roses, david austen roses, hydrangea and peonies. It is utterly satisfying and therapeutic to work the soil, plant and watch them bloom.

To celebrate spring, here’s a cute fringe cream dress to dance around in the sun from H&M’s latest spring summer collection.


All images shot on the Nikon Z6 mirrorless camera.