How to Shoot Fashion for Luxury Brands that Pop!

As part of Nikon Presents: Z Creators, I had the pleasure of teaching a group of fashion photography enthusiasts on how to create high end fashion images for luxury brands that pop!

During the session, they learned how to plan a fashion photoshoot, prepare a creative brief, as well as direct and style a professional model featuring high end fashion BALLY using Nikon Z cameras.








Here are my 3 top tips to shooting high end fashion images for luxury brands that pop…

⭐️  TIP #1 – Create a good rapport with your model. You want your model to feel heard, safe, comfortable and respected in your presence so spend a few minutes getting to know your talent. Especially if it’s your first time working with them. Ask them simple questions about what they like doing to break the ice. I generally like to talk to my talent when they are getting their hair and makeup prepped. Putting on their favourite music and having a collaborative spirit also helps the talent to feel heard and relaxed.

⭐️  TIP #2 – Give clear posing directions. Now that your talent is at ease, give clear and simple directions. Speak in front of your camera and use your hand to direct. Better yet, demonstrate the move or pose or show them a reference image so they understand exactly what you are wanting to create.

⭐️  TIP #3 – Focus on getting a strong expression. Lifeless eyes, smile or even dead-weight arms can ruin and make an image look bland. Once you have the pose, set, lighting and outfit all working cohesively together, focus on capturing a dynamic expression that encapsulates the story and emotion you are trying to tell. Sometimes describing a specific action (for example, you want her expression to ooze softness ….so you say: “imagine yourself walking up to a boy and telling him how much you love him ….” The talent would immediately smile, shoulders relaxed and eyes softened) or playing a specific song to create the right mood.

As a result, applying these 3 top tips would turn any fashion image from good to GREAT.


Thanks to everyone who came to learn and play – what an awesome day it was! If you are keen to join my future photography workshops, email me at so I can notify you when it launches.

Shout out to NIKON AUSTRALIA, BALLY and my unbelievable crew for making this happen:

hair + makeup STELLA TU


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Nikon Presents: Z Creator Fashion Photography Workshop coming June 26th


Hey!!!👋🏼  How are you guys?


It’s been ages but I’m here! Just been buried with business ventures and exciting collaborations.

So here is one I would love to share with you!!!

🔜   Coming 26th of June, I’ve partnered with Nikon Australia to bring you a one day fashion photography workshop.


This is what I’ll be covering…

☑️. How to plan for a fashion photoshoot (Featuring Bally fashion)

☑️. How to prepare a photoshoot brief

☑️. How to direct and style a professional model

☑️. The benefits of the mirrorless to create fashion images


This will be your chance to play with Nikon mirrorless Z cameras and ask me questions. The mirrorless cameras has literally broaden my photography horizon that I can’t EVEN explain how career-changing it has been for me. It has literally opened the doors to venture into film making and I’m all IN. I find creating compelling + impactful short stories for Brands is incredibly fulfilling because I can add so much emotion and sound to my story-telling. And of-course the mirrorless has enabled me to do just that.

You are probably wondering why now? Well that’s because 5 years ago, the technology wasn’t advanced enough to allow me to be nimble and use two hands. Remember those awful huge gimbals and monopods???

Thank God it’s now possible to be more agile and creative with our angles!


Anyway I could go on and on about it, but why not come and join my fashion workshop to find out more?


➡️   All the details are here … (LINK)  ⬅️


Enjoy and can’t wait to meet you!


xx Karen


Bring on the Australian Open 2020 thanks to KIA Australia

Bring on the Australian Open 2020!

I was one of the lucky few who was invited to an exclusive grand unveiling of the KIA’s mighty new beast, Seltos Studios, Kia’s smallest and coolest SUV car. More than a decade ago, KIA cars had the reputation of being cheap. But now, that stigma has long gone. KIA have raised the bar and have created the ultimate small SUV that is tech-smart and style-conscious. More edgier, beefed up, and drives well. It was designed with “successful job graduates” in mind which starts from a price tag of $30-45K.

If you visit the Australian Open, I suggest you head over to the grand slam oval, and drop into the KIA marquee to take a look at the Seltos Studio. Make sure you get your tennis shoes on for the ultimate dance-off, evolution style to win daily prizes at Seltos Studios activation.

Images by Alan Woo.

Fashion Editorial: Old Skool Suburbia with Bally and Antoni Topic

Inspired by the outskirts of Melbourne, we are taken back to the 80s with old school television and dvd sets, windows wrapped in gift wrapping paper and greenery. This fashion editorial features my favourite luxury designer brand, Bally and model Antoni Topic (represented by Kult Australia) as the star of this story.


How street style has impacted my Fashion Photography career

Running a Photography business, defining your brand and who you want to be as a successful Fashion Photographer is daunting if you don’t know where to begin. This June 2018 (22-25), I will be speaking at Refocus Retreat 4 day conference for Women in the Photography Business who want to take their photography to the next level.

I will share how street style has impacted my fashion photography career; use case studies to discuss how I have approached each fashion photography project; reflect on my experiences and business decisions so you will leave the session with greater knowledge and how to kick start your fashion photography career.

For in-depth and hands-on workshops, please register to my two part photography workshop series:


WORKSHOP 1: Creating the perfect fashion editorial

Karen Woo’s fashion editorial work have appeared in international and Australian magazines from The Rake Japan, Plaza Uomo to the Collective Hub. Watch and enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at how Karen works closely with her Art Director/Fashion Stylist, Emily Edwards to create the perfect fashion editorial for clients. She will discuss and show her process of developing creative concepts, working with lighting and fashion styling while she works with her subject to capture a series of storytelling images. The photoshoot will be set up outdoors (if weather permits) using portable Profoto lighting equipment. Cameras are welcome to take behind the scenes images but is not mandatory for the workshop.


WORKSHOP 2: Creating compelling social content (proudly sponsored by 3INA makeup brand)

In this workshop, Karen will help you find your unique style and teach you how to understand your client, pitch a creative idea and create engaging stills/film on your social media platforms. Karen will be proudly working with a global makeup brand, 3INA Makeup to show you ways to visually tell 3INA Makeup brand’s story. Each student will be gifted a box of 3INA Makeup products to create their own social media content, then post it live at the end of the workshop. All students are encouraged to bring a camera (IPhone, compact camera is acceptable) and additional props for flat lay purposes.

The first 10 students will receive a 10% discount when they use my code “heykarenwoo”.

If you have any further questions, please email me at

I hope to see you there x

Thank you BALLY and MOSS & SPY for my look below:

Suzy bag // BALLY
metallic coat // MOSS & SPY

Creative Direction by KAREN WOO
Photography by ALAN WOO