Athena Golf Girls Love Life Like.

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of working with Golf Australia to capture lifestyle portraits of these wonderful “Athena Golf Tournament” girls who live and breathe golf. We toured around Melbourne city – Hosier Lane, Federation Square, Royal Arcade, Flinders Street Station, and this is what I captured… and I still can’t get over that spontaneous crazy backflip that Rhianna did at Hosier Lane. Scroll down to see it!



Image captured on the Nikon Z6.


CHARLES & KEITH SUMMER 2016 draws on a tale of one’s journey to self discovery, a delivery of self expressionism. Pushing forth the idea of self identity, a series of visual narratives portraying the dialogues of one’s inner thoughts.

Supporting their official Summer campaign, I was really humbled when CHARLES & KEITH, an international brand approached me to create a street style campaign which depicts the story of a city slick girl living a carefree life accessorised in CHARLES & KEITH.

I must admit, it was mammoth task shooting 11 different looks in one day, running around like a wild cat in an orange vest (safety comes first ok!), jumping up on bins to take a bird’s eye view whilst making sure every little detail of the product was in clear view and the shot list nailed. However, I had the best time of my life, and I couldn’t have done it without the patience, professionalism and commitment of my dream team.

Ok so here it is! Hope you enjoy the street style campaign now debuting digitally and in store across Asia – Singapore, Korea, Japan, China and Thailand.


hair & makeup \\ KATE RADFORD
photography assistant/retoucher \\ STEPHANIE BOLGER


charles-and-keith-street-style-city charles-and-keith-street-style-city-2 charles-and-keith-street-style-city-3 charles-and-keith-street-style-city-4 charles-and-keith-street-style-city-5 charles-and-keith-street-style-city-6 charles-and-keith-street-style-city-7 charles-and-keith-street-style-city-8 charles-and-keith-street-style-city-9 charles-and-keith-street-style-city11 charles-and-keith-street-style-city-12 charles-and-keith-street-style-city-13 charles-and-keith-street-style-city-19 charles-and-keith-street-style-city-15 charles-and-keith-street-style-city-14 charles-and-keith-street-style-city-16 charles-and-keith-street-style-city-18 charles-and-keith-street-style-city-17

Living on the Edge

It really isn’t that hard to believe that we do live in one of the world’s most liveable city. Melbourne is the epicentre of coffee, food, art, sport and music culture. Over the past years, I’ve noticed a peak increase of cars jamming up our roads, housing prices sky rocketing, childcare waiting lists nearing 2 years and blogging becoming the norm, the way of life.

I recently finished reading this biography book, “In order to live” by a young North Korean girl called YEONMI PARK who recalls her tale about the hardships, the starvation, the violence and propaganda she had to endure, in order to fight for freedom. She was “living on the edge” practically everyday. Though her struggles were incomparable to my life – but it’s a reminder to me to stop complaining, take a moment and appreciate all the little things. I need to remind myself daily to count every blessing, every experience with the biggest gratitude and smile. It’s always good to put things back into perspective and not get caught up in this fickle world of materialism.

So how fitting it was when Eureka Skydeck88, the Edge invited Melanie (@theTiaFox) and I to see and capture Melbourne at a different perspective. It was actually something I’ve been meaning to do for a long while but never made time for it, even when I lived at Eureka back in 2008! We rocked up at 4pm (tips: park at Crown, and wait till sunset), took the elevator to the 88th floor and stepped into the Edge which slowly pulled out from the building. Before we knew it, we were suspended nearly 300 meters over Melbourne city in a glass cube – glass walls, ceiling and floor, and we had 10 whole minutes to ourselves.

Though I wished we just stood there and soak in the majestic city views, we were too busy scrambling around the cube for the quickest fashion shoot EVER! But seriously it was all worth it. I’ll do anything for great snaps.

Enjoy xx










Just imagining what my office life be like on SkyDeck88 – haha!



MELANIE is wearing BCBGMXAZRIA blazer and detachable skirt // TONY BIANCO strappy heels

I’m wearing VIKTORIA + WOODS ribbed knit dress // H&M denim shirt // BEAU COOPER mules