MBFWA 2017 Opening Night Street Style Highlights

I’m so thrilled to be here in Sydney for the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia. Dion Lee opened the schedule tonight in front of the sails of the Opera House, out in the open air where everyone was praying hard for the rain to stay away. Thankfully it did! Lee’s Resort SS18 collection had a mix of cobalt, red and white coloured pieces; and I am obsessed with his menswear range – silk sailor pants, oversized vinyl coats, blazers and long sleeved shirts.

Shooting street style in front of the epic venue was the highlight of the night. My absolute favourite street style looks were: Beth Levi wore fuchsia Balenciaga over the knee boots and Dion Lee velvet dress; Sarah Ellen wore Louis Vuitton and Tiffany & Co jewelry, and Lisa Aiken’s wore flared pants, silk long sleeved shirt and blazer worn as a cape.

Ok, enjoy my favourite looks of the evening xx

My Travel Feature with Mercedes-Benz to the Great Ocean Road

It’s been go go go since the new year, that I haven’t had time to let down my hair or even share about my recent work and travels to the Apollo Bay with Mercedes-Benz. I recently went on a road trip with my dear friend Tiffany Newman (This Within) to the Great Ocean Road. I was actually quite surprised to even hear that Mercedes-Benz wanted to feature me, because I didn’t find anything special about myself other than, maybe my crazy pink hair. It all seemed surreal that I remembered calling Berlin to check if this enquiry was legit! Well that’s because they were asking me to cruise with my friend to the Great Ocean Road for 2 days with people whom I didn’t know.

Anyway, as it really turns out it was an adventure of a lifetime. Not only was it incredible to work with Mercedes-Benz, I was able to share this special experience with my good friend, Tiffany as I know she loves to travel and is up for any get away and basking in the sun.

I was the designated driver and I had to drive at precision speeds, between 80-100kms per hour. I cruised through the windy roads, often starting and stopping a few dozen times so we were steer clear of cars. Sometimes parallel driving, crossing over, driving bumper to bumper then repeat to make sure we got all the camera angles needed to make a good film feature. It was so much fun working with Arabella Bartsch and Toby (the duo film crew representing Fischer Appelt) that by the end of the trip, we all became awesome friends!

So here’s my film feature!

Here are behind the scene pics…(all taken on Iphone6)